Opinion: How To Evaluate Nursing Faculty

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what is the average age of nursing faculty

“When the Faculty of Health Professions was established in the 1960s, it was exclusively focused on training various health professionals,” says Dean Alice Aiken. Over the years, the Faculty’s role has grown to include a focus on developing a broad and growing research enterprise, and incorporating innovations in teaching, such as spearheading a robust interprofessional education program. Today, it hosts more than 3,000 students and nearly 300 faculty and staff across eight schools, a college (Pharmacy) and one stand-alone program (Clinical Vision Science). A nurse and parent with a patient in the NICU. Dal's School of Nursing (part of the Faculty of Health) conducts world-leading nursing research alongside educating the next generation of nurses and nurse practitioners. (Nick Pearce photo) “Our refreshed name reflects the significant academic and research contributions we make locally, nationally and globally,” says Dr. Aiken. The idea for the name change originated in a strategic planning exercise last fall. “We hoped to start a conversation internally and externally about the role we should play in transforming health over the next five years,” says Dr. Aiken, who commenced her first term as dean in summer 2016. “The overarching message we heard from our internal and external audiences was that it’s time for our Faculty to own its place as a leader in integrated, transformational health.

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